Las Vegas, NV & Form-based Code

What is form-based code? Form-based code is any regulation governing the physical character of a building, such as building height, parking, and ways a building is permitted to interact with the street. Form-based codes are generally adopted to maintain the physical nature of a particular neighborhood or community.

So how is form-based code being implemented in Las Vegas? Currently the City of Las Vegas is in the process of developing its own form-based code. This draft addresses a wide range of parameters including public frontages, thoroughfare types, civic spaces, and building forms required for each transect.

What does this mean for Arch 546? Because the form-based code for Las Vegas is still in draft form, this may allow the opportunity for Arch 546 students to test and potentially revise its provisions. The goal as we proceed into the design process is to use the Las Vegas FBC draft as our baseline, but also draw from the existing form-based codes of Phoenix and Cincinnati to determine the best FBC solution. We will also utilize the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) step-by-step guide as a guiding tool for FBC development.

What is the Goal for Monday’s research presentation? For Monday we will develop a graphic presentation that outlines the current Las Vegas FBC parameters. Accompanying this outline will be FBC parameters that have been borrowed from Cincinnati and Phoenix, and assessed for relevancy. The complete presentation will be a go-to guide for Arch 546 as we progress through the design process.

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Form-based code - Part 2


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