Food Hub: Ongoing Observations

We’re now 4 weeks into the project and the research gears are in full grind. With the completion of the first round of research we have identified a few knowledge gaps pertaining to climactic response and urban growth strategies. Those points are highlighted below..

  1. Now that we’re familiar with the range of strategies that can be employed, but we still need to figure out what our base energy consumption will be for our target food hub operation. In this case, we have identified the target operation as including office, warehouse, production, and other community services. Based off of this model I have calculated the percentage of area dedicated to each. (note: this calculation is based off of the 10,000 square foot food hub model, and still needs to be calculated based off of the available square footage for each site.)

Warehouse space (based off the 10k model): 5000 square feet (50%)

Retail space: 2500 square feet (25%)

Office and break room space: 800 square feet (8%)

Production space: 1700 square feet (17%)

With these totals we should be able to run a generic mass through an energy modeling program and determine the approximate energy use for each program. In theory the size requirements for warehouse, office and retail space could be applied to the two Las Vegas sites, which would leave a greater % of area for production. Once we have determined the consumption for the entire hub, the next step would be to determine what and how much of each energy strategy should be applied in order to achieve 105% sustainability.

  1. Given the calculations provided above, we should also be able to narrow down which urban growth techniques should be utilized on the site. This is an issue that requires more exploration of growth precedents in the region, and a higher understanding of permaculture… More info to follow.

Next, lets shift focus to food hubs. Over the last two weeks I have been researching what food hubs are and why they’re important. The research can be found in the previous post to this blog, but some of the key takeaways we have discovered are…

Finally, one major outcome of the studio is how we define a food hub. The running definition we have developed is as follows…

“An organization that produces, aggregates and distributes fresh and nutritious food products with the objective of safe-guarding, advancing and educating the community in which it is established, while also providing a safe and fun environment that community members will frequent.”

Written by James

Food Hub Las Vegas!!
Food Hub: Prospective Sites


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