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Sunday we completed our Las Vegas site visit with a successful return to the Hawkeye state (all students, luggage, fingers and toes accounted for). During the visit we had the opportunity to rendezvous with, and deliver our design proposal to vested individuals attending the First Friday farmers market. It was very interesting to see the local response to what we have been developing over the last four weeks. We had the pleasure of encountering Corrie Bosket, the president and CEO of State Renewable Energy, a local Las Vegas energy consultation group. The representatives had excellent feedback regarding energy storage and discussed with us the potential of salt-based biodegradable batteries.

On Thursday we explored downtown Las Vegas and took a little bit of time to get acquainted with our site. The Mission Linen site (corner of 1st and Coolidge) was exactly as we had expected, minus the presence of power lines. Over the next week we will have to determine our desired approach regarding the power lines, as they could potentially affect access to the site. Another major factor we need now to take into consideration is the scope of the First Friday Art Festival. The size of the festival has a much larger impact on the Mission Linen site (photo shown below). This may potentially affect our design by causing changes to the layout and flexibility of the beer garden.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Walter Michaels, the managing director of Energy Saver Advisors, LLC. Walter’s feedback regarding our design was immeasurably beneficial and has helped direct my focus to issues we seem to be overlooking. We have an excellent and very thorough design up to this point, but even if our proposal were to come to fruition we would still be significantly short of solving the fragmented food network in Las Vegas. We now need to go one step further and figure out exactly how many times our model would be duplicated in order to make a significant impact in the region.

IMG_0200Mission Linen building and site. Note the power lines cutting through the site.

IMG_0232First Friday Art Festival at the Mission Linen Site.

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